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Intership in Cameroon

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I want to stay a half year or longer in Cameroon. Now I´m looking for a intership in the fields: development Cooperation, Sport or community development.
Perhaps you can help me to find an organisation or a contact person.
Because it´s hart to find an german organisation.
Thanks a lot and a joyful new year to all.

  • Yves Duclair Fouomene ndjoumessi

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    good evening
    contact this number for more information 0023775476196

  • Go to Victor Moore's profile

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    Yeah Karol,I am a Cameroonian living in the south west region of Cameroon.There are many non governmental organizations here.I can introduce you to one of them if you wish.Or you can visit Cameroon and I will take you to these organizations for you to make your choice. In the south west region you will have the opportunity to visit the Mount Fako,atlantic ocean and many other interesting can always contact me via 0023774191177 or email,[...]

  • nicolas mboula

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    hallo wie geht es dir oder mir, es ist Nick karym Ich bin ich in Kamerun Kamerun leben Ich habe keine Kinder 25 Jahren habe ich Antworten auf 23796734057 oder böse [...] ich Ihnen helfen begleichen kann in Ich bin Single sichern eine Wohnung auch kurz sein und der Rest wird nach mir kommen, mit meiner Unterstützung wird dazu beitragen, pourais hat, um das Unternehmen und das Ministerium für Sports Tour

  • hello

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    hello i am cameroonian
    how could i be of help to you

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    hello i am a cameroonian
    would like to give you some assistance if needed ok

  • Go to John John's profile

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    I think it is possible. First get more information from the ministry of sport or culture. But as Mr. Vladimir Volkov is presently there, I think he can help also from his experience.Also you can go to the Cameroonian embassy which is close to you.
    I wish you the best.


  • Vladimir Volkov

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    as for me nowadays i work and live in Cameroon in russian company but i am not sure about internship in my company. But anyways i could help u somehow, if u have any questions feel free to ask me, i have experience living in Cameroon for more than 1 year.

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    why not? I know some cameroon people. I want to see how they live and I want to make my own experience.

  • Vladimir Volkov

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    Hi! Why u looking for internship in Cameroon? A u familiar with this country?

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