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Hi friends,

i got an offer in kinshasa to work with an electronic company. salary is US$1000/-.

Will it be reasonable. I am belonging to indian nationality.

Could anyone pls. give me the details about kinshasa, congo.


Thanks & Regards


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    Salut Emery,

    Le monsieur ne viens pas pour investir, il voulais juste savoir si etre payer 1000$ au Congo en tant qu'expact est raisonnable? Justement parcequ'il a recu une offre de boulot ds la capitale qui lui propose comme salaire, 1000$.



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    Hi friend,
    I don't know if Im too late to your inquiry, anyway hope it'll help!
    US 1000$ it's nothing enough to live a month in Kinshasa unless u're from there (national) not handling family and be provided an accomodation and transport facility. A part that, believe me my dear, being an expat with suc as salary impossible to live i n there.
    Meke sure with your Employer that the accomodation, the transport facility and an undertaking far ticket will be provided then you can go initialy for us1000$.
    Feel free to revert if any inqueries.

    Warm Regrads,

    Craig Jr. KABAMBA

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