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Necesito una web gratis sms ...

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No estoy seguro de si es correcto publicar mis preguntas here.Do utiliza sitios web para enviar sms usando la computadora? Necesito enviar sms a mi amigo en las Filipinas, así que quiero probar si el uso de sitios web es el envío de sms a través great.Because móvil cuesta mucho para las ideas me.Any, amigos? Gracias

  • Chillder Ramos

    posted by  in Dominican Republic forum 

    ok then..what website do you use?do you know website i could use to send sms to Philippines?
    gracias amigo!

  • Zakicha Vicente

    posted by  in Dominican Republic forum 

    chillder,seems you are confused about the advantages and disadvantages of sending sms through mobile and computer.whatever the opinion of other people is, still, you were one to decide which gadget should you use; which you think you will be more comfortable with.
    for me, i am comfortable now in sending sms from computer to a mobile coz i don't pay for any charges.i am just being practical.that's why i am using websites to send sms.

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