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Studying online. Has anyone heard of Tech?

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Good morning to all. For a few months now I have been wanting to take a course on financial marketing but make it online to better suit my day to day life. I have been shuffling through several options and I think the one I like the most is Tech technological university, which from what I see does not have classes with schedules and has pretty good study materials. Can anyone give me more info about this university? Thanks!

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    En tech, j'ai eu une très bonne expérience, ils ont une très bonne organisation et leurs contenus d'études ont été très complets, je le recommande vivement, j'ai adoré.

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    Hi, I recently completed a Masters in Financial Management at Tech University and it has been a really enriching experience. Certainly, the best thing is that it is possible to manage time and the platform does not limit the access time to the content.

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    The study contents are great, the best thing is you can study from anywhere and at anytime.

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    Indeed what you say is true, it has very diverse material, it is flexible to take the classes, and I really recommend it, the courses I have done have always left me satisfied!

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    Hello, I higly recommend this institute, for it is a good option for anyone who wants to deepen on their career and acquire technical knowledge that can help them in a daily work situation, also you can find a lot of good learning content and bibliographical references to support your process.

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    I Studied in Tech 3 years ago and it was a fantastic experience, you get a lot of skills to develop in your laborable life.

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    I have had the opportunity to study at this university and the educational experience is very good, it has extensive academic programs and the methodology is innovative, they are committed to the students

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    My experience was good and thanks to what I have learned I have been able to move up the ranks in my company.

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    In tech, I have had a very good experience, they have a very good organization and their study contents have been very complete, I highly recommend it, I loved it.

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    The university is really good, I recommend it 100%.

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