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Moving to Tanzania

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I am planning a career move to Tanzania within the next few months (Dar es Salaam).

Can anyone give any information / advice about being an expatriate in Tanzania?

Also, I'm panicking as I've got so much to sort out before making the move - can anyone recommend a company which provides international corporate car insurance?

Any and all advice / information would be greatly appreciated.

  • Stephen Mwakimonga

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    Hi Georgina

    You can come work with us.


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    Hello, i came from Greece and i am wondering if you know anything about the Universities in Tanzania. I have a Master in History of Arts of the University of Sorbonne Pantheon 1 i Paris, and actually i am a phD candidate also in History of Art of the University Paris X.

    Can i have a perspective of doing something with these university papers in Tanzania or in the higher education??

    Thank you, i would appreciate an answer.


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    Hi Georgina,

    The advice I would give is as follows:
    DO IT! :) Tanzania is a beautiful and enriching place to live.

    I'm happy to give you answers to any queries you have regarding expat life and/or adjusting to Tanzania. Maybe you could private message me with questions...

    As for the international corporate car insurance...that's an easy one - I have used Clements Worldwide (based in US) for 2 years now - flexible currency options, borderless coverage, full protection of fleet - perfect for an organisation.

    Hope this helps - feel free to message.

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