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Wanted- Part time mystery shopper/field agent in Ashgabat

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My company (Mintel) is looking for someone to become a product shopper in Ashgabat.

This is the job description;

Mintel requires an individual to visit shops and supermarkets in their area and purchase certain products each month. A shopper is provided with a list of products that need to be purchased, and this list changes every month.

Once purchased, a shopper then has to safely pack the samples and send them to an address in India. Mintel pays for the shipping (organised by DHL), and reimburses the cost of the samples and the packaging. If there is travel involved, Mintel reimburses this cost; but receipts must be provided. After this, the shopper is required to record the details of the samples on the internet, on a Mintel website.

Mintel pays a fee to the shopper for every sample collected.

Please let me know if you are interested, it is good part time work for family and friends!

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